Roving Entertainment

There’s more to this performer than meets the eye (or often doesn’t when the sleight of hand gets out of hand).
– Canberra Times

Let me loose on your cocktail party or function and I’ll dazzle your guests with classic con games and extraordinary magic that happens right under your nose, but not in your face.

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Deception Right Under Your Nose...But Not In Your Face

“Hi, I’m Nicholas, I’m your con artist for this evening.”

“Nice to meet you Nicholas, are you enjoying the par…wait, what did you say?”

“I’m your con artist for this evening. Here, let me show you what I mean….”

Of course, I’m not really a con artist. But, as an opening line, it sure gets audience’s attention.

When I work a room at cocktail party or function I do more than just perform magic tricks (although, I do do that. And pretty damn well if I do say so myself.)

When I perform as a roving entertainer I break the ice, I get guests talking, I create little pieces of immersive theatre where the audience gets to experience classic con games like the shell game, three card monte and liar’s poker. Never heard of these games? Well, you’re in for a treat.

A good roving magician doesn’t take over the event, they breath life into it. They’re the spark that gets the party started.

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See deception up close at Sleight Night

Join me and my friends each month at Sleight Night and witness the best close up magic in Australia. Shows book out early so book now to ensure you don't miss out.

Satisfied Clients

“Nicholas also has something any profitable liar (or performer for that matter) must possess – charisma. Despite fooling us over and over again, you just can’t help but like him.”
Squirrel Comedy

Thank you getting the party started for us last night. I knew from your reputation that you’d be entertaining. What I didn’t expect is for the guests to still be talk about your routines hours later. A true conversation starter.
Graham Henrikson

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