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‘Hilarious … Nicholas J. Johnson is as good a laugh as he is a con man! ★★★★ ½’
– Herald Sun Melbourne

The days of cheap booze, mini quiches and a jazz trio in the corner are over. Corporate functions and events need entertainment that entertain, engages and breaks the mould.

My shows and presentations do exactly that.

Pass the quiche.

The Scam Show

“Aside from his con artistry skills, Johnson proves he’s also a damn good comedian.”
-Squirrel Comedy

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. That’s where my comedy magic shows come in. Combining award winning comedy and spectacular sleight of hand, these shows will have guests laughing on the edge of their seats.

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Roving Entertainment

There’s more to this performer than meets the eye (or often doesn’t when the sleight of hand gets out of hand).
– Canberra Times

Let your guests go head to head with a master swindler playing classic con games, witness close up miracles and experience the finest ice-breaker around.

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Speaking Engagements

“It is clear that a life-time of standing in front of an audience and performing makes Nicholas a “natural” for communicating ideas and information.”
– Dr Ian Griffith 

In my keynote presentations I explore how perception, influence and misdirection play a role in shaping our worldview and what we can do to avoid being deceived.

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Master Of Ceremonies

“The night was hosted by “honest conman” Nicholas J Johnson, a likeable rogue who spiced up proceedings with a few uncanny feats.”
-The Age

A good MC is not the star of the show, they’re the glue who holds the event together.

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See deception up close at Sleight Night

Join me and my friends each month at Sleight Night and witness the best close up magic in Australia. Shows book out early so book now to ensure you don't miss out.