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“It is clear that a life-time of standing in front of an audience and performing makes Nicholas a “natural” for communicating ideas and information.”
– Dr Ian Griffith 

In my keynote presentations I explore how perception, influence and misdirection play a role in shaping our worldview and what we can do to avoid being deceived and scammed.

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"How do you do that?"

That’s the number one question I get from audiences. And they’re not wrong to ask. The secrets behind magic and deception reveal a huge amount about how we think and who we are as people.

Understanding how we get deceived is the first step in protecting ourselves from deceit whether it be from scams or the little lies we tell ourselves.

My keynote presentations are designed to explore the tricks behind the tricks, helping audiences discover how understanding the lies helps use get to the truth a little easier.

I currently offer three presentations. Each is tailored for your organisation’s needs.

Con artists are the original influencers, salespeople with the ability to sell a product that doesn’t even exist. But what if we could take the psychology and theatre of a classic scam and use it for good.

In this presentation, I explore the secrets of influence and deception behind this classic scam while telling extraordinary stories from my own experiences rubbing shoulders with con artists on the streets of Paris, London and Barcelona.

Delve deep into the human brain and explore the psychological and neurological secrets of illusion and deception. Why is the human brain so easily deceived? Why can’t we see what is happening right under noses? And what can do about it?

“You’ll never trust your own brain again!”
– Centre For Excellence For Integrative Brain Function

What would it take for me to convince you to walk on broken glass with bare feet? In this presentation I do just that, offering one audience member the chance to do the impossible.

Along the way, we explore risk, critical thinking and why, sometimes, we act against our own best interests.

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“In a one hour show a magician like Nicholas can do more to explain how scientists think and work – than a lot of public lectures I have been to.” 
-Helen Gardiner, University of Melbourne

“With undeniable wit and humour, Johnson proceeded to show us how neuroscience can explain most of the magic tricks performed by our favourite magicians.

Centre for Excellence For Integrative Brain Function
Monash University
Consumer Action Law Centre
St George
Swinburne University
Australian National University
Scotch College