An MC With A Difference

“The night was hosted by “honest conman” Nicholas J Johnson, a likeable rogue who spiced up proceedings with a few uncanny feats.
-The Age

A good MC isn’t the star of the show, they’re the glue that holds the event together.

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An MC With A Difference

Pulling off an event is like pulling off a heist.

You need to assemble a crack squad of experts, with their own set of unique skills. and you need to get them all working together like a well oiled machine to ensure the big score goes off without a hitch.

And at the heart of any event is the MC.

A good MC isn’t the star of the show, they’re the glue that holds it all together.

Over the past twenty years I have hosted every type of event you can imagine including awards presentations, trivia nights, comedy nights, magic shows and charity fundraisers.

In that time, I have discovered that there are three attributes every good MC has:

A great MC does the groundwork.
We’ll meet in advance to make a plan of attack. We’ll case the joint, work out every angle and timetable the night down to a tee.

A great MC gives you options.
Magic, stand up comedy, ice-breakers, interactive games, trivia contests. I’ve got a toolbox packed with talents and techniques we can tailor the event.

A great MC can think on their feet
Despite the best laid plans of mice and magicians, things can go wrong. I’ve faced every possible catastrophe and come out smiling.

Let’s do this.

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Just some of of the events I have hosted

Victorian Body Corporate Services
Australian Trucking Association
The Australian Drycleaners Association
Australian Skeptics
Epilepsy Society of Australia
Werribee Zoo
Camp Quality

The Variety Collective
The Catchpenny Club
About Tonight – C31
Melbourne Magic Festival Gala Show 2007-2017
The Best Of The Magic Fest
Sleight Night

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