Nicholas J. Johnson: Melbourne magician, author and entertainer

“Nicholas J. Johnson is the man to talk to about scams.” - ABC Statewide Drive Victoria

Discover Nicholas' Live Shows

"A likeable rogue who spices up proceedings with uncanny feats" - The Age

Discover Nicholas' Live Shows

The Melbourne magician who’ll steal the show

Have you ever been deceived? Swindled? Bamboozled?

As a multi-award winning Melbourne magician, author and speaker I use magic and comedy to entertain while showing the public about just how easy it is to be deceived.

Working with a crack team of magicians, scientists, fraud experts and former con artists, my shows and presentations are engaging, englightening and downright amazing. Some magicians just want to fool their audiences, I want to turn mine into walking B.S. detectors.

I’ve performed for law enforcement agencies such as FBI, AFP and even Canadian Mounties. I’ve spoken to  major financial institutions such as ANZ, NAB, Consumer Action Law Centre and ACCC. And I’ve worked with high schools around the world to teach critical thinking and the psychology of deception. Not bad for a magician from Melbourne.

After two decades entertaining and educating audiences, I’ve realised that there’s much we can learn how about persuasion, deception and influence from the world of magic and con artists.

Get in touch to find out more about my con artist, comedy and magic shows in Melbourne and around Australia.

You can trust me with your event…just not with a deck of cards.

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