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The Melbourne magician who’ll steal the show

My name is Nicholas J. Johnson and I can do the impossible.

I make audiences gasp in disbelief, double over in laughter and discover just how easy it is to be deceived.

How? I’m a magician, a comedian, an author and an educator.

Working with a crack team of magicians, scientists, fraud experts and former con artists, my shows and presentations are engaging, enlightening and downright amazing.

I’m a Melbourne magician who works with businesses, high schools and major events to entertain, educate and show the public the tricks behind the tricks.

Some magicians want to fool their audiences, I want to turn mine into walking B.S. detectors.

After two decades entertaining and educating audiences, I’ve realised that there’s a ton we can learn about persuasion, deception and influence from the world of the professional swindler.

That’s why they call me the “Honest Con Man”. I use my skills for good, not evil.

Get in touch to find out more about my magic shows and presentations in Melbourne and around Australia.

You can trust me with your event…just not with a deck cards.

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See deception up close at Sleight Night

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