Nicholas J. Johnson: Author • Entertainer • Conman

"This master magician is also a master con man." - Today Tonight

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" good a laugh as he is a con man." - Herald Sun

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"A sparkling debut...both entertaining and insightful." - The Age

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Playing Fast and Loose

"Play fast and loose with faith? so jest with heaven, Make such unconstant children of ourselves." -King John (Act 3, Scene 1) In 1595, William…Read More

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Fast and loose in the wild! @SimonSchusterAU @JakiArthur #con #books

Catch Nicholas at Melbourne Magic Festival 2015

Nicholas will be returning to the Melbourne Magic Festival producing and hosting The Best Of The Fest, a nightly show of the best magicians from around the festival, up close and personal.

Fast and Loose

Joel Fitch used to be a con artist.

That is, until his scam paid off but his life went belly up. Now, two years later, at the ripe old age of 22, Joel has a mattress full of cash and no idea what comes next. The movies never tell you what to do after you’ve walked into the sunset.

Besides, Joel’s past is catching up with him. One of the victims from his con artist days has hunted him down. Far from exacting revenge, though, he wants Joel’s help.

Danny Hemming is a TV journalist on television’s trashiest current-affairs program and he’s looking for someone to give him the inside scoop on the latest scams. And he’s not taking no for an answer.

Once again, Joel finds himself in over his head as he enters the murky world of tabloid television. Blackmailed into helping Hemming uncover and expose the country’s biggest swindlers, Joel is making more enemies than ever.

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