Mind-blowing curriculum-based incursions for secondary schools 

Do your students think critically?
Can they spot fake news?

How easily can they be deceived?

Don't worry, I'm here to help.

With two decades of experience using theatre, comedy, and magic to promote critical thinking, my incursions give students a magician’s insight into how deception shapes their world.

Performed at your school (or via Zoom), these shows are easy, affordable and COVID-safe.

Each sixty-minute show is engaging and curriculum-based with full teacher's notes and assessment options available to continue the magic of the shows in the classroom.

The Bad Science Show

A crash course in critical thinking for secondary students

Bad Science For Teachers

Professional development for secondary teachers wanting to teach their students to think critically.


A magician's guide to persuasive writing.


Explore the neuroscience and psychology of magic and deception