“Once again you provided a fantastic show for us. To keep over a hundred boys on the edge of their seats for an hour is an amazing achievement.”

-Scotch College, Melbourne


44% of teenagers reckon they don’t have the critical thinking skills required to tell fake news from real news. 


That means, I could have made that statistic up and almost half of your students wouldn’t know how to call me out.*


The Bad Science Show is a sixty minute incursion that encourages students to think critically about who they can believe and what science they can trust.


I demonstrate the placebo effect by hammering a five-inch nail into my head. (Really.) 


I explore causation and correlation by walking on broken glass with bare feet. (Not even kidding.) 


I show why you can’t trust anecdotal evidence by bending a spoon with the power of my mind. (Maybe that one is a little fake.)

*In case you're wondering, I didn’t make up that statistic. Here’s the source.


Years: 7-10

Length: 60 minutes plus Q&A

Technical Requirements: Data projector with HDMI input, table and chair.

Price: $880 inc GST per show for up to 100 students. Additional students are charged at $8.80 inc GST.

Curriculum Links:
General Capabilities

Critical and Creative Thinking

Science As Human Endeavour

Yr 7  – ACSHE119

Yr 8 –  ACSHE134

Yr 9 –   ACSHE160

Yr 10 – ACSHE162


Science Inquiry Skills

Yr 7 –  ACSIS124

Yr 8 –  ACSIS139

Yr 9 – ACSIS164

Yr 10 – ACSIS164