“Sway is a show about words…an entrancing journey through the black magic of persuasion”

-The PlusOnes


There is no one more persuasive than a magician. After all, we make you believe in the impossible. And we don’t do it with just sleight-of-hand or smoke and mirrors; we use words. 


Honest-to-goodness magic words.


SWAY is a new incursion for secondary English students that explores the power of persuasive language.


Drawing on my work as a magician and author, the show teaches students to spot persuasive techniques. And then it inspires them to use those same techniques in their own writing.


SWAY encourages students to rethink their idea of what constitutes a text. It explores oral and written arguments in plays, poems, social media and even the script for SWAY itself.


In fact, even this advertising copy is an example of persuasive writing, using fourteen different techniques to convince you to book SWAY for your school.



Years 7-10

60 minutes

$880 per show up to 100 students. For groups over 100, $7.50 per additional student. Discounts apply for low socio-economic schools. Contact Nicholas for more information

– Data Projector (HDMI input)
– Power

Additional Information:
Nicholas has a full WWCC and $20 million PLI. Details available on request.