“With undeniable wit and humour, Johnson shows us how neuroscience can explain most of the magic tricks performed by our favourite magicians.”



Here’s the big secret magicians having been keeping under their (top) hats:  We don’t fool you, you fool yourself.

Or, to be more accurate, your brain fools you.


Deceptology isn’t just a magic show; it is an introduction to the extraordinary psychological and neuroscientific principles that make illusions possible.


Your students will have their brains hacked by change blindness, gestalt pattern perception, the motion aftereffect, faulty memory and other principles ripped straight from the psychology classroom.


Created in cooperation with psychologists and neuroscientists from around the world, Deceptology is part magic show, part exposé and part psychology lesson.


The perfect introduction to psychology and neuroscience for secondary students.


Special thank to The Martinez-Conde Laboratory, Centre for Excellence For Integrative Brain Function, Monash University and Swinburne University for their assistance in the development of Deceptology.


Years 9-12

One hour

Curriculum Links:
VCE Psychology Study
– Processes and reliability of memory
– Neural basis of learning.
– Role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour.
– Cognition and perception

Australian Curriculum
– Critical and Creative Thinking
– Nature and development of science
– Use and influence of science

$880 for up to 100 students plus $8 per student over 100. Low-socio economic schools may qualify for special rates.