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Science Gallery Melbourne

After a tiny, lockdown-induced postponement, Science Gallery Melbourne is finally opening to the public.

Since the first Science Gallery opened in Dublin in 2008, I've watched excitedly as the network of cultural institutions has spread across the world, finally reaching Melbourne on 10 August.

Science Gallery Melbourne explores the intersection of art and science shifting how we think and feel about both. More than just "making science fun", the global network uses art to connect researchers with the public.

Visitors to the gallery become participants in studies, providing researchers with new data. Meanwhile, researchers are given the opportunity to interact directly with the public, helping them learn how their work reflects the culture they live in.

This is exactly the kind of science communication I've dedicated my life to and I could not be more excited!

Scientific inquiry strives to be objective, empirical, and unaffected by the irrationalities of human emotion. But, in doing so, we run the risk of sealing science off into an objective, sterile bubble, where the effects of research on culture are not fully explored.

Science Gallery Melbourne first exhibition, MENTAL, showcases over twenty projects from local and international artists and scientists.


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