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Episode 21 – The Sting with Matthew Specktor

There are two types of con artist movies: those made before The Sting and those made after The Sting. The 1973 George Roy Hill film won seven Oscars, cemented Paul Newman and Robert Redford as screen legends, sent turn of the century ragtime music to the top of the charts and conditioned audiences to expect a twist in every film featuring a swindler. (It even inspired a little novel called Chasing The Ace.)

On this week’s podcast, author Matthew Specktor talks about the enduring legacy of The Sting and why this seemingly light hearted caper about a pair of dashing swindlers seeking revenge the only way they know how, is far more complex than it first appears.

Like a good scam, there’s a lot more going under the surface then it first appears.

Nicholas J. Johnson is a Melbourne magician, author, entertainer and collector of scams.


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