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Episode 10 – Now You Seem Mean with Nick Mason

Nicholas has a love/hate relationship with the 2013 magician heist movie film Now You See Me. On the one hand, it is a con artist heist movie about magicians using close up magic, hypnosis and pickpocketing to robs One the other hand…

In this episode, he’s joined by pop culture commentator Nick Mason from The Weekly Planet as they unpack the film.

Also along for the ride this week, Nicholas’ two year old daughter Beatrix who has no strong feelings one way or the other on the movie.

In his podcast Scamapalooza Nicholas attempts to separate facts from fraud as he explores the worlds of deception, illusion and swindles with the rogues gallery of writers, magicians, comedians and confidence artists that are his guests.

Nicholas J. Johnson is a Melbourne magician, author, entertainer and collector of scams.


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