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The movie that every magician needs to watch

Can you guess what my favourite movie of all time is? The Prestige? Nope. The Illusionist? Not even close? Now You See Me? Don’t insult me.

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I have five books of illusions to give away…or do I!

Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik’s new book of optical and other illusions culled from the Best Illusion of the Year Contest and their own archives is out! And they have given me five copies to give away.

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What do you call an Irishman offering home repairs door-to-door? A con artist.

That is, at least, according to Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister Marlene Kairouz who this week said that “If anybody knocks on your door that has an Irish accent, automatically ask them to leave” claiming they were scammers who “know where to go, who to target, as soon as they get cash in their hands, they’re gone.”

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Here’s The Scientific Secret Behind Carnival Scams

If I had to to list my top five things in the world  it would look like this:

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