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How optical illusions may help diagnose autism

Watch this little spinning cylinder illusion below. Cool huh? One day, this illusion might be used to diagnose autism.

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Why so many Melbourne audiences are falling in love with close up magic

Every month, I run an evening of close up magic with four of my magician buddies at The Laneway Theatre in Northcote. And every month, this is what I end up seeing when I log in to the ticketing system:

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Why teaching people to think critically fails. And what to do about it.

“Can critical thinking actually be taught? Decades of cognitive research point to a disappointing answer: not really” – Daniel T. Willingham

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All magicians are liars

It is true, I can’t deny it: All magicians are liars. What’s more, I am a magician. Therefore, I am a liar.

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