Welcome to the Scamopedia, a repository of the greatest scams, swindles and deceptions from history and the headlines. It is also the home of Scamapalooza, Nicholas’ podcast in which he interviews con artists, magicans, scam historians and other reprobates.

The magic of manipulation at the Melbourne Magic Festival

I have hired a business coach. Her name is Jo Gilbert and she provides me with fantastic advice on how to connect with the business people, teachers and educators who need my services in exploring the art and science of deception.

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The shared secret of magic and car crashes

I got rear-ended last week. I stopped suddenly in slow moving traffic and a black BMW slammed into the back of me, destroying the back half of car and leaving me battered and shaken up. The driver of the car, rather than accepting blame, tried to pass off responsibility on magic.

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How To Win Monopoly In Just Four Turns

I don’t know why anyone would want to play monopoly let alone dedicate the time to learning how to play well enough to win. Monopoly is a dull-mean spirited game that tears apart families and ruins lives. That said, if you’re going to play, you may as well win.

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The greatest con artist movies of all time…and all the other ones.

Years ago, I wrote a long list of every single con artist movie ever with the goal of seeing each one. That list became my novel Chasing The Ace, the story of a young scam fan who has seen one too many movies and thinks he has what it takes to be a con artist.

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