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44 – The Doctor Will See You Now with Vyom Sharma

How do working GPs deal with alternative medicine? These frontline healthcare practitioners have to deal with constant red tape, constant education, strict laws and pesky professional ethics. Alternative medicine practitioners, on the other hand, are so unburdened by professional oversight, rules and regulations that they can sell remedies that have little to no benefit and face few ramifications.

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Become a professional con artist at Melbourne Magic Festival

In case you haven’t figured out yet, I love the world of the professional con artist. After  close to three decades learning the tricks of the trade, I’m still obsessed It does matter if it is the simplest magic tricks or the most complicated large scale fraud, I’m on board. That’s why I’m super pumped about the Melbourne Magic Festival this year.

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The Melbourne Magic Festival Turns 10

What do cheese, salami, drag queens and Game of Thrones themed wine tasting have in common? They all have Melbourne festivals dedicated to them in. The city that I call home will host a festival for anything. From coffee to underground film to jazz, we celebrate it all.

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A Gripe About Gripe Water

I have a new baby which is great for me because I happen to love babies. Particularly babies that I made myself. Unfortunately, this baby has terrible gas. No matter what combination of rubbing, patting, tickling and swinging around by her legs we try, she refuses to pass wind from either end. Instead, her belly swells up like a balloon and she cries, cries, pukes and cries.

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