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Sleight Night opening night brings a little magic to Melbourne

Its take years of planning, procrastinating and prestidigitation but, on 20 September, Sleight Night finally arrived at The Laneway Theatre. The monthly show features the finest close up magicians Melbourne has to offer at a venue custom built for experiencing illusion up close and personal.

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47 – The Truth About Lies with Dr Celine Van Golde

What would you say is the best method of detecting lies? A truth serum? A polygraph machine? A body language expert? The truth about lie detectors is…they probably don’t work. So why do they show in popular culture on reality tv shows and, most disturbingly, in criminal investigations? And what are the ramifications of putting our faith in these dodgy devices and half baked theories?

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Your password is bad and you should feel bad

We all have regrets. Dong Nguyen regrets creating the mind numbingly addictive game Flappy Bird. John Sylvan feels responsible for the environmental affects of coffee pods. I regret that brief period in the eighties I had a rats tail.

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46 – Women In Magic with Carisa Hendrix

I have always assumed that it must be hard to be a woman in magic. It’s an industry dominated by men and populated by old guys with outdated ideas of gender, young boys who got into magic to pick up girls and antisocial men of all ages who struggle to talk to ANYONE, let alone members of the opposite sex.

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