Welcome to the Scamopedia, a repository of the greatest scams, swindles and deceptions from history and the headlines. It is also the home of Scamapalooza, Nicholas’ podcast in which he interviews con artists, magicans, scam historians and other reprobates.

Episode 42 – The Gullibility Test with Alessa Teunisse‏

Why, given the constant need for people to measure everything from their personalities to their intellect, is there no test for gullibility? , a pHd student at Macquarie University’s Department of Psychology, has spent several exploring gullibility and its relationship to scams. On this week’s episode, Alessa discusses her work while Nicholas tries to convince her to help him get rich with a GQ test. You can help Alessa with her survey here.

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Episode 41 – Fake News with Toby Halligan

We are living in a golden age of bullshit. Nowhere is this more evident than in the media where fake news is now almost indistinguishable from the real deal. So how do you spot fake news? How do you spot it spreading? And how do you deal with that weird relative wanting to spread pizzagate conspiracy theories on Facebook? On this week’s episode, satirist Toby Halligan explains how to defeat lies in the era of fake news.

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Why can’t Donald Trump shake hands?

In recent days, the media has become obsessed with Donald Trump’s complete inability to shake hands like a normal human being. What is Trump trying to do? And why does he look so weird? Why do people look so uncomfortable when faced with his aggressive pumping?

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Episode 40 – Paper Moon with Sarah Baggs

It’s only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea. And this week’s episode is only pop culture queen Sarah Baggs exploring the whimsical and heartwarming world of Paper Moon. From the Peter Bogdanovich film to the Joe David Brown novel to the Jodie Foster starring TV series, Sarah and I explore what makes this rare con artist film a classic.

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