Discover the Neuroscience of Magic

“You’ll never trust your own brain again!”
– Centre For Excellence For Integrative Brain Function

Introduce high school students to psychology and neuroscience with this critically acclaimed incursion that uncovers the mind tricks that makes magic possible.

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Exciting science incursions for high school students

In Deceptology, I give high school students the opportunity delve deep into the human brain and explore the psychological and neurological secrets of illusion and deception.

Created with leading psychologists and neuroscientists from around the world, Deceptology is part magic show and part exposé.

Rather than simply explaining how the tricks work, I’ll explain why. Students will explore:

The Motion Aftereffect: Why we perceive motion when none exists.

Memories and Learning: What makes our memories so flawed and what we can do about it.

Cross Modal Perception: How our senses lie to us…and each other.

Gestalt Psychology: How our brain perceives a whole that is different from the parts.

Change Blindness: Why does our brain allow us to miss things that are happening right under our noses.

Perception and Vision: How our field of vision is far more limited than we believe and how magicians take advantage of this fact.

As well as learning the secrets of classic magic tricks, students will also learn how these weird psychological and neurological tricks apply to the world around them. From road safety to sales techniques to forensics, I’ll teach students how deception invades our everyday life.

Special thank to The Martinez-Conde Labortory, Centre for Excellence For Integrative Brain Function, Monash University and Swinburne University for their assistance in the development of Deceptology.


“In a one hour show a magician like Nicholas can do more to explain how scientists think and work than a lot of public lectures I have been to.”
-Helen Gardiner (University of Melbourne)

“Deceptology is designed to not only entertain audiences with magic tricks and comedy but also to explain how the tricks work and why.”
– The Weekly Review

“With undeniable wit and humour, Johnson shows us how neuroscience can explain most of the magic tricks performed by our favourite magicians.”

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The Important Stuff

Years 9-12

One hour

Curriculum Links:
VCE Psychology Study
– Processes and reliability of memory
– Neural basis of learning.
– Role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour.
– Cognition and perception

Australian Curriculum
– Critical and Creative Thinking
– Nature and development of science
– Use and influence of science

$880 for up to 100 students plus $7.50 per student over 100. Low-socio economic schools may qualify for special rates.