A magic show about persuasive language

“Sway is a show about words…an entrancing journey through the black magic of persuasion”
– The PlusOnes

A comedian, magician and incorruptible con man “
– Herald Sun

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About the show

The real secret of a great magic show isn’t sleight of hand or smoke and mirrors, it’s language. I’m talking honest to goodness magic words.

There’s no one more persuasive than a magician.

SWAY is my new incursion for secondary students created to explore the power of persuasive language.

Over sixty minutes SWAY teaches students how to spot persuasive techniques in writing while also inspiring them to apply those very same techniques to their own writing.

The show encourages students to rethink their idea of what constitutes a text, exploring oral and written arguments in plays, poems, the media and even the script for SWAY itself.

Drawing from Aristotle’s Rhetoric, SWAY brings to life the concepts of Logos, Pathos and Ethos to give students a better understanding of how logic, emotion and credibility shape the way they think and how words can manipulate them.

In an age of fake news and alternative facts, it has never been more important for students to understand the power of words to manipulate, deceive…and sway.

‘Hilarious … Nicholas J. Johnson is as good a laugh as he is a con man! ★★★★ ’
– Herald Sun 

“It is clear that a lifetime of standing in front of an audience and performing makes Nicholas a “natural” for communicating ideas and information.”
Dr Ian Griffith, Australian Skeptics

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The Important Stuff


Years 7-10

60 minutes

$880 per show up to 100 students. For groups over 100, $7.50 per additional student. Discounts apply for low socio-economic schools. Contact Nicholas for more information

– Data Projector (HDMI input)
– Power

Additional Information:
Nicholas has a full WWCC and $20 million PLI. Details available on request.